17 Days of Devotion 

YES! I'm ready for 17 Days of Devotion!

For the past 20 years, I’ve been painting, writing, and doodling. And it’s been a true joy! But the double joy for me is combining art and God’s Word together and inspiring women like you!


I want to invite you to download this free “17 Days of Devotion” guide to add more color, joy, and God’s Word to your life.


Devotion time with God has been something I’ve been doing for many years. And I truly believe the time has brought me more joy and creativity and peace throughout my life than anything else.


I’ve chosen some of my favorite Scripture in this 17 Days of Devotion and included the paintings they inspired. 💛


💛 Grow in your faith and creativity though art prompts, coloring page downloads, and mini tutorials! 💛 
To confidently know deep in your bones, and in your heart and soul that you are made in the glorious image of God. 


God designed us to live in full color.

He believes in us.

He delights in us and sings over us!

We are God Made Girls creating magical colorful worlds!

Join me in these 17 Days of Devotion!

Why I Made this Devotional Guide

Devotion time with God has meant so much to me through the years.

You may be walking through a hard season and you need to know you’re not alone and God is right beside you. You may need some creative sparks and a permission slip to simply have fun! You may need an extra boost of joy and encouragement from God’s Word.

And I pray as you go through these devotions, your heart will be lifted and you’ll feel more joy and peace and sunshine in your life!

Coloring Pages 

In this Devotion Guide, you’ll also have coloring pages  you can print out and color. There’s something special about coloring.. it slows us down and adds cheer to our heart! It’s going back to childhood and enjoying the simplicity and fun of coloring. 

A FUN bonus to this Devotional Guide are my Mini Tutorials.

Grab a paintbrush, pencil or marker and join me in sketching and painting. These mini videos are all about making art in fun and simple ways and drawing close to God’s heart.  

Want more creativity and color in your life..?


We have something special for you...💛

It's called God Made Girl Club! 

Tracy Schmitt's Experience

When I joined this club, I knew it was going to be special, but I couldn't have imagined how it would become such an important part of my life. This is a group of “kindred spirits” and creativity, fun, faithful women led by Tricia and her team. I feel, if we all gathered together, we would be smiling, laughing, filled with joy and delight as well as dressed in bright colors and being “WONKY” in the very best ways and be fast friends What a privilege it is to be A God Made Girl Living Creating a Magical Colorful World. I feel like I am able to take the delight I have and share it with all those around me. This is exactly what we need right now...and always.

“You are here to be light,

bringing out the God-colors in this world...

God is not a secret to be kept we're going public with this.”


YES! I'm ready for 17 Days of Devotion!