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3 Days of Painting Fun with Tricia!

Let's paint together in fun and playful and colorful ways! We paint with acrylic paint and adding paper too so it's a mixed media painting! My workshops are more than just creating art, my hope is that it will spark your heart in new ways! And that you’ll feel God’s song and His smile over you as you create and make!

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Over 400 people LOVED this workshop

and I loved it too!

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So excited to have you join me.


Day 1

We'll be reading and writing the scripture Hebrews 1:14 (Passion Translation) and making the words come alive while playing with some paint!

Day 2

We’ll be painting the first angel ornament and it’s going to be so much fun! I’ll share some secret tips of making skin tones and hair colors as well!

Day 3

We'll be painting the rest of our angels and adding glitter and then adding paper! I love layering my painting with paint and paper and sharing tips and techniques with you!

FIVE AMAZING PRIZES will be given!! 

  1. Top Encourager: Christmas Coloring Book, Christmas Chapel Print, Tricia’s 2024 Calendar
  2. Another Top Encourager: Christmas Coloring Book, Tricia’s 2024 Calendar
  3. Story that speaks to the heart: Christmas Coloring Book, Pink Angel Print (Gloria)
  4. Another Story that speaks to the heart: Christmas Coloring Book, Christmas Gingerbread House Print
  5. Art Challenge Prize Winner: Tricia’s original painted angel ornament

“You are here to be light, bringing out the God colors in this world.”

Angel Ornament Workshop


  • 3 Days of Step-by-Step Videos released daily. The videos are recorded so you can watch them at your own pace for 30 days from the start of the workshop.
  • 3 Days of Live Sessions with Tricia. Join her on Facebook Live at 11:00 am CDT each day.
  • Private Facebook Community to connect with other like-minded women.


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Special Prizes Prizes Prizes...


This is me. I’m Tricia.

I love color and whimsy. I love the beach. I love bubblegum pink. I love creating the “beautiful wonky!” To me, wonky stands for the beautifully imperfect.


I love to draw girls and dresses and houses and flowers, just like I did when I was eight. And it is still wonky. I love fashion design. Just like I loved as a teenager. But I love wonky fashion design like Gucci… mismatched colors and fabrics... so beautifully imperfect. 

And I love the beautifully imperfect! It gives so. much. more. freedom!


Fast forward from 8 years old to 30 years old. And it was at 30 that my art life bloomed again. It was a reblooming. A butterfly time. I was inspired by a “wonky” artist at the beach by the name of Nancy Swann Drew. She was my hero because she painted with color and freedom. .

From her inspiration, I picked up pencil and paintbrush and a sharpie marker. I played with paint and added paper to my paintings. And my art career began! 


A little gallery at the beach started selling my paintings. Then I entered art shows. Then it was Saks Fifth Avenue. And then some celebrities bought my art. And people actually wanted to take lessons. I started “Art Nights” with friends painting around my dining room table. And then started camps and retreats. It’s been amazingly wonderfully wonky!
Magic happens in the wonky! . .


Cheers to all the magic and all the wonky of life! And cheers to our God who believes in us. 
“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” –St. Catherine of Sienna.

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Here To Inspire You...

We love hearing the many amazingly uplifting stories from our previous workshop attendees!

"What a fun workshop! Loved being in a community of creative fun and colorful ladies! My Spirit has definitely connected!"

Diane R

 "I’m so grateful for this workshop and the joy it produced for my girls this week!! My 7&10 year old girls LOVED putting their creativity and heart on canvas. Thank you to Tricia and all that organized this wonderful class!"

Courtney D

"Thank you for the most amazing week.  I was “hooked” within the first two minutes.  I love my creation and all that it symbolizes."

Sally E

"We had so much fun doing the project together and looking at everyone else's awesome designs! The girls were reading the verses and we talked about them. Great times! We decided to get together once more to embellish with some ribbon, buttons and bling!"

Sadie K

"I am so touched, inspired, and amazed at the pieces everyone has created.  I love how unique and different each and every piece is and the stories they tell."

Julie W

"When I finished I felt like it was singing out with joy and warmth. It’s amazing how going through this process has made me see it as so much more than an art project. It really feels like a piece of what God made me to be."

Sarah W

"This piece is the most fun piece I have made. I forgot that it's ok to doodle. I have focused so hard on learning to paint that I often forget to play. I have long admired mixed media art, but never put my hand to it because..I guess. I thought it wouldn't measure up somehow.  This painting makes me smile, and I have loved seeing everyone's creations and support and perspectives.  Blessings to you all, keep creating!"

Chris G

"This class was so freeing. My soul feels lighter and I know this came along right when I was doing hard work with God. I needed to hear Jesus tell me and let me see how much He loves me.  I have rediscovered who I am, He is my Joy, that I am a hidden gem of His, there are words hidden too. But most of all I have the capacity again to love others as Jesus loves them! I am so thankful for this class. My cup is overflowing!"

Adriane M

Angel Ornament Workshop


3 Days of Painting Fun with Tricia!

Let's create three mixed-media angel ornaments in this online workshop! We’ll be combining scripture with art in fun and creative ways! And we’ll be preparing our hearts for Advent as we paint these angels!

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