A Fun Paper House Part 1! 🏠

art craft house play May 03, 2024

Join me for Fun Friday!

Today we're creating a paper house!! Embrace the play in life and create a house around the verse, “God you smiled on your good earth! You brought good times back to Jacob.” Psalm 85

Get a piece of paper, a glue stick or some tape ready. With a magic marker, I'm drawing the shape of a house, and of course, adding in the door and windows! 

Now get your scissors out, and cut a line down the center of the window and two slits on the top and bottom so they fold out. 

For the door, leave the left side in tact so you can open and close it! Add some tape to the back and tape it to another piece of paper, so you can't see through the windows--Next week, we'll draw fun things in the windows!

Here's a view of the other house I made!

Happy Day!


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