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Let's Draw Iris Apfel: Part 1! 👓

drawing girl iris apfel sketch Mar 21, 2024

Let’s sketch this super inspiring woman and embrace her style and fun today! As she says, “Life is very grey so fashion should always be fun!” and “When you don’t dress like everyone else- you don’t have to think like everyone else.” Part 2 is coming soon where we will color her in!

Step 1:

With a brush pen, I’m drawing the spectacle glasses first (Faber castle: SC pen) and then draw the face around it!

Step 2: 

Draw the face around the glasses, with the nose and mouth, and the eyes within the glasses. Then, draw wavy lines above the glasses for the hair. Add a little neck, and accessorize the top with a collar, chunky necklace, and more! Add the rest of the hair and make it look however you like! :)

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