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Let's Draw Iris Apfel: Part 1! 👓

drawing girl iris apfel sketch Mar 21, 2024

Let’s sketch this super inspiring woman and embrace her style and fun today! As she says, “Life is very grey so fashion should always be fun!” and “When you don’t dress like everyone else- you don’t have to think like everyone else.” Part 2 is coming soon where we will color her in!

Step 1:

With a brush pen, I’m drawing the spectacle glasses first (Faber castle: SC pen) and then draw the face around it!

Step 2: 

Draw the face around the glasses, with the nose and mouth, and the eyes within the glasses. Then, draw wavy lines above the glasses for the hair. Add a little neck, and accessorize the top with a collar, chunky necklace, and more! Add the rest of the hair and make it look however you like! :)

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Lemonade Girl Art Tutorial 🍋

bible verse girl watercolor Oct 05, 2023

“Be truly glad there is wonderful joy ahead.” 1 Peter 1:6 (MSG)

I have been developing this little lemonade series around this verse. And I love thinking about when life gives you lemons, we can make pink lemonade! 

Today, we are doodling a lemonade girl and adding some watercolor paint to her to create a little art piece. Wonky is the word and this can be completely unique to you and your art style.


Create your girl’s head by drawing a U shape and then adding two lines for her hair and then two pigtails. For her face, I will draw two curved lines with eyelashes, a nose, and her mouth. Continue to draw her neck, an arm coming up to hold a glass of lemonade with a straw and some lemons.


Draw her skirt coming down and her two legs. I usually look where the waist is and draw the legs coming down from there. Draw her other arm next to her body and add some stripes to the skirt. I’ll also doodle a little flower on her shirt too....

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"You Need Only to Be Still" Greeting Card 🌸

bible verse girl Aug 17, 2023

"The Lord will fight for you - you need only to be still." - Exodus 14:14 

Today, we’re focusing on this powerful verse that I have been writing in my journal this week. I’m using 5x7 handmade cotton paper, watercolor paint, and pens to make this little greeting card. And showing you how to make this from start to finish, but no need for perfection! We’re embracing the beautifully wonky! 

This is a fun tutorial to make for yourself or gift this card to someone who may need some encouragement. :)


Fold your paper in half and start by adding some lines to the border of your inside flap and some imperfect flowers in the corners with your pen. Sketch your verse and feel free to add a box or underline words that stand out to you.

As you're doodling this verse, think about the battle that God may be fighting for you right now. 


Let's move to the front where I will be sketching a girl. Start with a half oval for her head and then...

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