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Happy Sunshine Day Watercolor! ☀️

doodle sunshine watercolor Apr 03, 2024

Let’s make a Happy Sunshine Day sun together! This sunshine can be a reminder to fight for joy!

Step 1:

Using a pen or pencil (I’m using my Faber Castell size B pen), Draw a circle, and little imperfect squares around it for the sun rays.

Step 2: 

with a smaller pen, write in bubble letters, “Happy Sunshine Day!” in the circle. In the sun rays, you can right whatever you like. For example, “God Love’s you!”, “have fun today!”, “smile”, “God is for you!”, “A cheerful heart fills the day with song” (Proverbs 15)

Step 3:

Now, using your watercolors, get into the yellow and paint your sunshine! *Tip* make sure you use a permanent pen if you plan to go over with watercolors, because permanent pen won’t smudge from the water!

I painted in some of the words with pink, and added dollops of pink throughout the sunshine. Then I went in with blue and orange and painted those all in the...

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