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Let's Draw Iris Apfel: Part 2! 🖌


Join me for Part 2 in talking about and coloring Iris Apfel! “life is very gray, so fashion should be fun.” I’m all about color and wonky, so this quote really speaks to me! So put on your big round Iris Apfel glasses on and paint with me!

Step 1: 

Using size 12 and size 9 brushes, and Prima Marketing Pastel Dreams watercolor set, paint the glasses hot PINK! You can use magic markers or anything, it’s up to you what medium you want to color in!

*Tip* you want to hold the brush in a light feathery way for watercolor. For the hair, use a brown and add streaks of yellow to add depth. Use about 3 shades within the hair! I use light brown, yellow and dark brown. Then, paint the lips pink! *Tip* with watercolor, if you make a mistake, go in with a paper towel and blot the color away! Paint in the skin tone whatever color you would like! Looseness is key!

Step 2:

Start painting in the accessories! Pink, blue, and yellow for the beads; pink for the collar,...

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Matthew 5:14 Girl 💗


“You are here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world. God is not a secret to be kept, we're going public with this.” Matthew 5:14 MSG

Step 1:

Using a pen, draw a border around the page of your sketchbook (I’m using a Moleskine sketchbook), adding little hearts in the corners.

Then, I’m going to start drawing a girl in the middle. Starting with half circle for the head, and two curves for the hairline. Finish off the top of the head with two curves and a wobbly circle on the top left to look like a bun. 

Then, draw two little lines for the neck and curve down for the shoulders and arms, where it almost is a triangle shape. Draw a horizontal line at the top of the shoulders for the top of the dress and bring the edges in as you come down to the waist. From the waist, bring the edges way out to create a big ball gown dress! Draw any details for sleeves, trims, flower belt, and draw little lines from the sleeves for the arms. Make the girls...

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