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A Fun Paper House Part 2! 🏡

art craft diy fun May 09, 2024

Happy Fun Friday! We are continuing our lesson from last week, and adding elements to our paper cut out house! If you missed that lesson, you can find it HERE.

So get out your markers, pencils, pens, crayons, whatever you'd like to create with, and fill your paper house with love! :) As we add fun things to this house, let us remember we live for the God who made magnolias!

And we create these playful cutout houses to add fun into our days. Like Einstein said, "Play is the highest form of research."

Start with your cut out house ready to go from Part 1. On a separate piece of paper, draw your elements. I'm drawing a girls to put in the windows. I have the house right next to my paper so I can kind of see what size they should be. *You could also measure the space of the window if you want to be exact, but remember to keep it wonky!*

I sketched out an easel with a "painting" of  a flower on it to put in the top window. As you fill in the windows, you can start to think of...

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